On Thursday, October 5, the Division of Biology of the Department of Basic Sciences of the Academy held a seminar on the Challenges of Biology Education.


The seminar began with Prof. Yousef Sobouti's words of welcome and was followed by Prof. Hassan Ebrahimzadeh's and Prof. Ali Farazmand's plenary speeches. Then the lectures mentioned below were delivered:
- Biology Education and Employment Opportunities for the Alumni, Abbas Bazargan, Professor, University of Tehran
- Education and Interdisciplinary Research, Gholamreza Lamouki, professor of the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer, College of Science, University of Tehran
- The Necessity for Defining the Theoretical Bases of Biology, Reza Nadarloo, professor of the School of Biology, College of Science, University of Tehran
- Terminology and Science Education, Dr. Reza Attarian, Dentist
- The Role of Scientific Thinking Education in Confronting the Development of Pseudoscience and Antiscience, Dr. Ata Kalirad, Ph.D. in Developmental Biology, University of Houston

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