The fourth issue of the Strategic Research Journal in Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources has been published by the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the Academy.

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In this issue, seven articles are contributed by professors and experts in agricultural sciences and natural resources.

The articles included in this edition are as follows:

  • Analysis of Targeted Subsidies Project Consequences on the Natural Resources in Iran
  • A. Zare Chahouki and A. Sanaei
  • Application of Solar Energy in Sustainable Agriculture in Soil-borne Pathogens Management
  • Banihashemi
  • Analyzing the Consequences of Development of Pressurized Irrigation Systems in Iran
  1. Ahmadi and A. R. Sepaskhah
  • Structural Challenges of Greenhouses in Iran
  1. Zarei
  • An Overview of Agricultural Mechanization and Ecosystem
  1. Almassi and N. Habibi
  • Investigating the Similarity and Dissimilarity of Public and Private Stakeholders Viewpoints in Iran's Rangeland Management System
  • Z. Mirdeilami, A. Sepehry, H. Barani and E. Moradi
  • Qualitative Evaluation of Iranian Scientific Journals in Agriculture and Natural Resources
  1. Sharifi Tehrani

Conclusions of the seminars held by the Department and extracts of the accomplished research projects conducted by the members of the Department are presented in the appendices of the Journal.

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