On Sunday, August 27, the first meeting of the series on "The Implementation of the Turkish GAP Project and Its Impact on the West Asia Civilization" was held by the Department of Islamic Sciences of the Academy.

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The attendees included the president; secretary; vice presidents for research; members of the scientific departments of the Academy; a number of outstanding professors of Law, Philosophy, Jurisprudence; as well as experts and authorities from the environment and development sectors.


The meeting focused on the different dimensions of the implementation of Turkish dam project on Tigris and Euphrates rivers and its impacts on the West Asia civilization, particularly Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey as well as the Islamic and human cultural works.


Moreover, Prof. Ebrahim Beyk Zadeh, professor of International law and faculty member of Shahid Beheshti University, delivered a lecture on "The Legal Impacts of the Implementation of the Turkish GAP Project on the West Asia Civilization". This was followed by exchange of views among participants on the topic.

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