On Sunday, August 13th, the Research Council of the Academy held its 195th meeting. The participants included Profs. Hassan Ahmadi, Gholamreza Aavani, Hassan Tadjbakhsh, Parviz Jabehdar Maralani, Mohammad Shahedi, , Hassan Zohoor and Hossein Namazi. 



At first, Prof. Tadjbakhsh's note on "A Few Words with Traditional Medicine Physicians and Students" was read and distributed among the Council members. Then, the minutes of the previous meeting of the Council was adopted and the following items were either decided upon or approved:


  • Designation of a new observer for the research project on "Studies on the Current Strategies in Biosciences' Fields of Research and Technology" after receiving the first stage report on the progress of the research project.
  • Reviewing the research project proposal on "Qualitative and Quantitative Status of Science Production in Iran's Basic Sciences in Comparison with the Countries of the Region" and proposing the assignment of a fellow from the Department of Basic Sciences as the new project manager

Conditional approval of the research project proposal on "Foresight of Agriculture and Natural Recourses Status with Respect to Global Changes and Emerging Technologies Trends of Technologies Growth".

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