The 62nd edition of the Academy’s Persian-English Newsletter has been published. Prof. Reza Davari Ardakani has contributed the editorial on "An Introduction to All Types of Foresights".

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The Newsletter also embraces these topics:


Scientific Council Meetings, Research Council Meeting, Meetings of the Scientific Departments of the Academy, Meetings on the Status of Scientific Knowledge System in Iran, Meetings on the Topics of Decision-Making System in Sustainable Development, Third Round of Honoring Ceremony of Distinguished Young Researchers in Basic Sciences, Prof. Mohammad Shahidehpour's Lecture on "Smart Cities and Global Sustainable Development", Seminar on "Future Horizons of Electrical and Computer Engineering", Lecture Meeting on "Inter-basin Water Transfer: Hopes and Consequences", Prof. Mohammad Vojgani's lecture on "Immunological Tolerance".


The Newsletter also includes news on the publication of: proceedings of the seminar on "Planning Obligations at the Outset of Iran's Sixth Development Plan", report on the Second National Congress of Higher Education, report on the first issue of the new series of the Academy’s quarterly "Nameye Farhangestan Oloom", report on the 73rd issue of the Iranian Journal of Engineering Education, seminar statement on "Iran's Forests and Environment: Past, Present and Future", seminar statement on "Poultry Farming in Iran: Past, Present and Future", final report of the accomplished research project on "Designing the Integrated Management System for the Sustainable Development of the Country", final report of the accomplished research project on "Future Universities".


The other topics covered by the Newsletter are introduction to the Islamic World Academy of Sciences (IAS), several other lectures and speeches of the members of the Academy, introducing some new publications of the Academy members, and the English anthology of news.

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