Presided by Prof. Farid Moore, chairman of the Department of Basic Sciences of the Academy, the eighth round of the Honoring Ceremony of Abu Reyhan Biruni Award for Distinguished Iranian Young Researchers in Basic Sciences was held semi-virtually by the Department on Thursday, November 17th.


In this ceremony, which was attended by a number of authorities and fellows, associate fellows and guest scholars of the Academy, Prof. Davari Ardakani’s message, addressed to Prof. Moore, was read: “One of the sources of joy and hope for people like you and me is to witness the emergence and realization of brilliant talents in science and culture. I think, in today's world, progress in basic sciences is a sign of the overall progress of science, and no country can have a position in technology, economy, and politics without being a leader in these sciences.”


Then, Prof. Reza Faraji-Dana, the secretary of the Academy, welcomed the attendees and thanked the Department for holding this valuable ceremony. In his short speech, Prof. Faraji-Dana pointed out the value of basic sciences in the current world for progress and sustainable development in societies and expressed happiness that in recent decades more attention has been paid to basic and human sciences as the basis of the country's growth and development and the promotion of applied sciences so that we are witnessing the emergence of brilliant talents in these fields. Afterwards, he congratulated the selected young researchers and wished them more success in the way of science and knowledge and service to the country.


The meeting continued with Prof. Moore’s speech on the history of the selection of outstanding young researchers of basic sciences fields in the Academy, the criteria and indicators for the selection of the winners, and then he introduced the four chosen talents of this year's Academy.


In the 8th year of honoring Abu Rihan Biruni, the following outstanding young researchers in basic sciences fields of the country were introduced and honored:


Dr. Sakineh Mashjoor (Biology), Dr. Ali Esfandiar (Physics), Dr. Davoud Mirzaei (Mathematics), Dr. Amir Hossein Amiri (Chemistry)


In another part of the event, four outstanding young researchers of 2022, introduced themselves and thanked the Academy. They also described their outstanding activities and scientific and professional achievements.


Finally, awards were given to the winners.




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