Presided over by Prof. Davari Ardakani, the 132nd meeting of the General Assembly of the Academy was held on Thursday, November 10th.


At the beginning, the president of the Academy welcomed the attendees and stated that the International Day of Science is in the Service of Peace and Development and considered the role of the Academy important in this regard.


Then, Prof. Golshani presented a proposal to the vice president for research for some new scientific and research activities that have been planned in the Academy. He also asked Prof. Faraji Dana to set regulations for voting in the departments and divisions of the Academy and to submit them to the General Assembly so that all divisions and departments would present their proposals to the Scientific Council and the General Assembly based on the same regulations approved by the General Assembly of the Academy.


Following the approval of the previous meeting's minutes, Prof. Davari Ardakani awarded the written order of fellowship to Prof. Amin Alizadeh who became a fellow of the Academy in May, 2022.


Afterwards, the proposals of the Department of Basic Sciences of the Academy on the associate memberships of Prof. Ali Farazmand, and Prof. Vahid Niknam, professors of Biology at the University of Tehran, for a four-year term, were proposed and approved by secret ballot. Prof. Farazmand and Prof. Niknam have been guest scholars of the Department since 2011 and 2016 respectively.


The proposal of the Department of Basic Sciences of the Academy for the extension of associate membership of Prof. Ahmad Shabani for a further four-year term was proposed and approved by secret vote.


In another part of the meeting, the following speeches were delivered:

- Water-Energy Efficiency in Irrigated Agriculture in Iran (Prof. Amin Alizadeh)
- The Need to Pay More Attention to the Chemical Pollutants of Animal Protein Sources in Food (Prof. Seyed Mehdi Kiaei)
- Epistemological Revolutions in Human Sciences in the 20th Century (Prof. Reza Nilipour)



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