Chaired by Prof. Davari Ardakani, the 519th meeting of the Scientific Council of the Academy was held on Sunday, November 6th. The attendees comprised of the secretary, vice president for research and deputy president and the chairmen of the scientific departments.


Following the approval of the previous meeting's minutes, the proposal of the Department of Engineering Sciences for the collaboration of Prof. Rahmat Sotudeh Gharebagh and Prof. Ali Vatani as guest scholars for a two-year term was set forth and approved. The Council also ratified the proposals of the extension of the collaboration of Prof. Mohammad Taghi Ahmadi, guest scholar of the Department of Engineering Sciences, and Prof. Ahmad Sheikhi and Prof. Mohammad Nouri Zonoz, guest scholars of the Department of Basic Sciences, for a further two-year term.


The meeting continued with the approval of the proposal of the Department of Basic Sciences of the Academy for the associate membership of its two proposed invited scholars. This was referred to the General Assembly for ratification.


The proposal of the Department of Basic Sciences for the Academy’s spiritual support for the National Conference on Basic Sciences of Imam Hossein University was presented and approved. The Academy's Logo will be placed on the Conference poster. Prof. Toomanian was introduced as the representative of the Department to cooperate with the organizers of the above conference.


Then, Prof. Davari Ardakani pointed out that the water issue is one of the critical issues of the country and has always been the focus of attention at the Academy, and the recommendations of the academy have been submitted to the authorities.  He emphasized that it is necessary to reflect and express opinions about the future of water and the expert professors of the Academy should present a report on the current situation and submit their considerations and proposals to the relevant authorities. After the exchange of views, it was decided that the newly formed "Water Think Tank" would pay special attention to the issue of water crisis.


Finally, the secretary of the Academy presented the letter of the Iranian Society of Engineering Education to the Academy regarding the establishment of a joint workgroup for the connection of human sciences and engineering education. After the exchange of views, it was agreed that the vice-presidency for research would plan to establish a workgroup with the participation and cooperation of the Iranian Society of Engineering Education and the Departments of Human Sciences, Islamic Sciences and Engineering Sciences of the Academy.



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