Presided over by Prof. Jafar Towfighi, chairman of the Department of Engineering Sciences of the Academy, the meeting of the Public Council of the Department was held semi-virtually by the Mechanical Engineering Division of the Department on September 21st. The attendees included the secretary, fellows, associate fellows and guest scholars of the Academy.


In this meeting, Dr. Abbas Aliabadi, the CEO of Mapna Group, delivered a speech entitled "Energy and Energy Efficiency in Iran and the World". He divided his speech into three parts including: "Energy and Energy Efficiency in Iran and the World", "Energy and Electricity Status in Iran" and "Comparison of Energy Costs in the World and Iran".


Following Dr. Aliabadi's speech, the participants of the meeting set forth their viewpoints and posed some questions to which the lecturer answered. At the end of the meeting, it was suggested that a statement be prepared by the academy and submitted to the Government, since one of the duties of the Academy is to give advice to the Government in crisis situations.




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