Presided over by Prof. Ali Akbar Salehi, the first public meeting of the Think Tanks of the Academy was held semi-virtually on Tuesday, September 13th. The attendees consisted of the secretary of the Academy, planning consultant of the Academy, chairmen and the members of the six Think Tanks of the Academy.


At first, Prof. Salehi welcomed the audience and delivered a speech on the macro goals of the establishment of the Think Tanks of the Academy. This was followed by Prof. Semnanian’s report on the process of measures related to the Think Tanks. He expressed his hope that the suggestions proposed in this meeting would be effective in achieving the goals of the establishment of the Think Tanks.  


Then, Prof. Farhoodi, chairman of the Water Think Tank, Prof. Tajrishi, chairman of the Climate Changes and Environment Think Tank, Prof. Ahmadi, chairman of the Natural Hazards Think Tank, Prof. Mahdavi, chairman of the Economic Challenges Think Tank, Prof. Sherafat, chairman of the Artificial Intelligence Think Thank and Prof. Sobhkhiz, chairman of the Quantum Technologies Think Tank, mentioned the issues and challenges related to each of the Think Tanks in the country and gave the reports of their meetings and the measures taken, and offered suggestions for following up the activities of the Think Tanks.


At the concluding part of the meeting, Prof. Nili Ahmadabadi thanked the Academy for the establishment of the Think Tanks and noted that the Think Tanks, while proposing scientific solutions for issues, should also think about how to implement them, because if the solutions are outside the field of knowledge and university, regardless of capacities, limitations and issues, it would not be effective.


Prof. Faraji Dana also thanked the members of the Think Tanks and stated that the establishment of Think Tanks is an important part of fulfilling the mission of the Academy and it is a valuable action that has been followed up and implemented by the Scientific Council of the Academy.  



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