On Sunday, September 11th, the Scientific Council (SC) of the Academy sat for its 517th meeting. Prof. Reza Davari Ardakani chaired the meeting in which the secretary, vice president for research and deputy president and the chairmen of the scientific departments were present.  


Following the approval of the previous meeting's minutes, the proposal of the Department of Engineering Sciences for the collaboration of Prof. Bahram Dabir, professor of Amirkabir University of Technology, as a guest scholar for a two-year term was presented and approved. The SC also ratified the fellowship proposal of an associate fellow by the Department of Veterinary Sciences of the Academy. This will be passed to the General Assembly in November for final approval.


Then, it was decided to refer the amendatory proposals of the Academy’s Board of Directors on articles 2 and 3 of the internal regulations of the General Assembly to the scientific departments so that their opinions and comments would be raised in the next meeting of the SC. The final proposal will be placed on the agenda of the General Assembly in November.


At the concluding part of the meeting, the SC chose 15 professors from the proposed lists by the scientific departments to be members of the "International Scientific Cooperation Council of the Academy of Sciences" and to form this council. The Council is formed and chaired by the president of the Academy and with the presence of the vice president for research, the secretary of the Academy and the selected professors of the SC. The director of International Office of the Academy is the secretary of the Council. If the president of the Academy does not participate in the meeting of the Council, the vice-president will chair the meeting.   




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