Presided over by Prof. Davari Ardakani, the 516th meeting of the Scientific Council of the Academy was held on Sunday, August 28th. The attendees comprised of the secretary, vice president for research and deputy president and the chairmen of the scientific departments.


After approving the minutes of the previous meeting of the Council, Prof. Semnanian, Planning Consultant of the Academy, presented a report on the recent meeting of the Science, Research and Technology High Council held in the presence of the President of IR Iran. He explained the most important resolutions and discussions of that meeting. Then, the Academy decided to set up a workgroup on the issue of “elites’ immigration” and summarize its opinions and suggestions to be submitted to the relevant authorities. It was also decided that the country's research and technology priorities for the period of 2022 to 2026, which have been approved by the Science, Research and Technology High Council, would be reflected to the scientific departments, so that the departments could make comments in this regard.


Prof. Farid Moore, chairman of the Department of Basic Sciences, introduced four distinguished young researchers in the field of basic sciences in the country in 2022, proposed by the Department to receive Abu Reyhan Biruni's Award, and enumerated their most important scientific and research activities. While approving the proposals, it was decided to hold the Abu Reyhan Biruni’s Award Ceremony in November of this year.


The meeting continued with the approval of the extension of the collaboration of 22 guest scholars with the Department of Agricultural Sciences for a further two-year term.


Afterwards, the extension of the agreements on scientific cooperation between the Academy of Sciences of IR Iran and the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and Pakistan Academy of Sciences was agreed.



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