Presided over by Prof. Davari Ardakani, the Scientific Council of the Academy sat for its 515th meeting on Sunday, July 17th. The attendees consisted of the secretary, vice-president for research and deputy president, and the chairmen of the scientific departments of the Academy.


Having ratified the minutes of the previous meeting of the Council, Prof. Faraji Dana, secretary of the Academy, presented a report on the holding of the workgroup meetings on "Choosing the Candidate of the Academy to Receive the First Governmental Medal of Science" and introduced the final proposals of the workgroup on the candidates of the Academy for 2019, 2020 and 2021. After the exchange of opinions, the proposals were approved and passed to the General Assembly for final approval.


Finally, the proposal of the extension of the collaboration of Prof. Rahbar Rahimi, guest scholar of the Division of Chemical Engineering of the Department of Engineering Sciences of the Academy, for a further two-year term was set forth and approved.




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