The Secretary General of the CINVU met with the Deputy President of the Academy of Sciences of the Islamic Republic of Iran in order to discuss the preparations for concluding a memorandum of understanding on scientific and technological cooperation between Iran and Pakistan.


According to the public relations report of the CINVU, Dr. Karim Najafi Barzegar, Secretary General of the CINVU, during this meeting, which was held in order to examine the capacities and fields of development of international scientific and technological communication, while presenting the draft memorandum of cooperation between the Pakistan Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Sciences of Islamic Republic of Iran, he emphasized the approach of the CINVU to expand the scientific communication of Islamic countries, especially in the field of knowledge exchange and scientific research.


He continued by presenting a report of the four-year achievements and activities of the CINVU, and pointed out the wide capacities of this organization in creating a scientific platform and creating coordination and cooperation between elites, intellectuals, universities and Islamic countries, and the cooperation of the Academy of Sciences of the Islamic Republic of Iran in order to strengthen this approach, he called.


In this meeting, Dr. Ali Akbar Salehi, Vice-President for Research of the Academy of Sciences of the Islamic Republic of Iran, welcomed the development of scientific and technological cooperation with all Islamic countries, referring to the very good and fraternal relations between Iran and Pakistan, he expressed his readiness for the close cooperation of the Iran Academy of Sciences with Pakistan Academy of Sciences in all areas noted in draft memorandum.


In addition, while referring to the history of his cooperation in the position of Deputy Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, appreciating the effective and admirable activities of the CINVU, he considered this organization to be a powerful scientific and technological arm of Islamic countries, which is considered a very good opportunity for the Islamic Republic of Iran as a host to be able to communicate with the elite society of 57 Islamic countries while Creating effective communication with all thinkers, scientists and technologists, play a role.


It is worth mentioning that the CINVU is one of the networks of the Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation member countries, which is hosted by the Islamic Republic of Iran. This network is an important and rich base for strengthening and developing public higher education in the virtual context of information technology, which aims to achieve justice in the field of knowledge and thought and deepen and consolidate learning and educational, research, cultural and skill empowerment of students, universities professors and elites.



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