Presided over by Prof. Aref, the 22nd meeting of the Commission for the Advancement of Mathematics in the Country was held semi-virtually on June 23rd.


At the beginning, Prof. Aref welcomed the Commission members. He referred to the naming of 2022 as the Year of Basic Sciences and the need to pay serious attention to basic sciences at all levels, especially mathematics for the promotion of science and technology and the development of societies. He expressed his hope that such meetings and the meetings of the Commission's Specialized Workgroup would be followed up and organized regularly. He also emphasized the need to pay attention to macro issues related to math, in accordance with the goals and dignity and position of the Academy of Sciences, and specified the need to pay attention to extra-organizational issues and provide macro guidelines and suggestions.


Then, Prof. Toomanian presented a detailed report on the programs and activities of the Commission and the actions taken in recent years and stated that, fortunately, many suggestions have been taken into consideration by the relevant officials with the follow-up of the Commission and the guidelines of the Academy have been effective. We hope that other proposals of the Commission will be implemented with serious follow-up at national level.


Prof. Rejali also presented a detailed report on the current state of mathematics in the country and the issues and challenges ahead both in general education and in higher education. He considered the main problem to be the primary school problem and stated that the first step is to try to solve the problems of primary education and improve the status of teachers.


Moreover, each of the Commission members expressed their opinions and views on the issues raised and set forth a number of suggestions for the continuation of the work of the Commission and Workgroup. The summary of the decisions of the meeting is as follows:

- Preparing a report on the Commission's activities and actions in recent years and submitting it to the president of the Academy by the head of the Commission;
- Involving all legal and real members in the Commission meetings. A representative from the Ministry of Education and the head of the National Organization of Educational Testing should also be present in the meetings;
- Forming the Commission's Specialized Workgroup presided over by Prof. Toomanian. In fact, the Division of Mathematics of the Academy should be the scientific secretariat of the Commission, and the main axes and topics should be determined and prioritized in the Workgroup and proposed to the Commission.



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