On June 22nd, the head of the Department of Environment of the country met and talked with vice-president for research and deputy president of the academy and a group of fellows, associate fellows and guest scholars of the Division.


The aim was to get more acquainted with the capacities of the Academy and its Division of Energy and Environmental Engineering, in which several prominent professors of the country are active.


In this meeting, some of the most important environmental challenges of the country, such as the dust phenomenon, water crisis, waste management, etc. were discussed and views were exchanged. The Academy announced its readiness to have a strong expert presence to manage these challenges alongside the Department of Environment.


During the meeting, Prof. Ali Salajegheh described the Academy as a scientific credit for the Department of Environment and stressed that a special workgroup be formed with representatives of the Academy, Department of Environment and the Ministries of Energy and Agriculture-Jahad to study the country's environmental issues.


Prof. Salajegheh also emphasized the topic of using the capacities of knowledge-based companies, especially companies active in the field of environment to benefit from new technologies in this field.


Prof. Selajegheh, referring to the large amount of data in the field of activity of the Department of Environment, asked for the help and cooperation of the Academy to collect and verify the data in order to submit it to the governmental organizations.



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