Presided over by Prof. Davari Ardakani, the Scientific Council of the Academy sat for its 513th meeting on Sunday, June 19th. The attendees consisted of the chairmen of the scientific departments, secretary and vice president for research and deputy president of the Academy.

Prof. Semnanian, Prof. Ahmadi and Prof. Mehrmohammadi also attended this meeting. At first, the views of the workgroups on the Seventh Development Plan, in the fields of public and higher education, were explained by Prof. Mehrmohammadi and Prof. Ahmadi. Then, the Council members discussed and exchanged views on the issues raised.

Regarding the recent request of the Planning and Budget Organization from the Academy to compile and send the Academy's views on the Seventh Development Plan, it was decided that the Academy's scientific departments also submit their views so that the results can be summarized and finalized in the integration workgroup and passed to the Planning and Budget Organization by the president of the Academy after the approval of the Scientific Council.

The meeting continued with the approval of the extension of collaboration of Prof. Dadgar, guest scholar of the Department of Human Sciences of the Academy, for a further two-year term.

It was also decided that the scientific departments announce their views on the "Regulations of the Publications" and the "Regulations for the Establishment of the Council for International-Scientific Cooperation" of the Academy within a week.



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