Presided over by Prof. Jafar Towfighi, chairman of the Department of Engineering Sciences, the Public Council meeting of the Department was held semi-virtualy on June 15th.


In the first part of the meeting, Prof. Ebrahim Asl Soleimani, Professor, University of Tehran, and associate fellow of the Academy, delivered a speech on the "Reflection on Promoting the Status of the Academy of Sciences in Society." The outlines of his speech are as follows:

- Reflection on promoting the status of the Academy of Sciences in society
- Definition of culture
- Duties of academies
- Statute of the Academy of Sciences of IR Iran
- The idea of establishing universities
- European universities thinking foundation
- Iranian universities
- Geography
- Example of the first entry of the country's universities into the issue of water supply
- Example 2: Expansion of renewable energy (photovoltaic)


Then, the attendees made comments and suggestions on the topics raised.



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