The 476th meeting of the Scientific Council of the Academy was held on December 10th.

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Prof. Reza Davari Ardakani chaired this meeting in which Profs. Namazi, Mohaghegh Damad, Sohrabpour, Sharifi Tehrani, Nadalian, and Shahedi were present.

Having approved the minutes of the previous meeting, the Council discussed the proposal of the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the Academy to establish interdisciplinary divisions in the Academy.

After that, the final report of the accomplished research project on "Studies on the Greenhouses and Greenhouse Products in Iran" was approved.

The meeting continued with the approval of the fellowship proposal of an associate member of the Academy. This was referred to the General Assembly for final approval. Moreover, the associate memberships of six members of the Department of Human Sciences and Department of Engineering Sciences and the collaboration of 3 invited scholars of the Academy were extended for a further four-year term.

At the end of the meeting, Prof. Sharifi Tehrani announced that the 25 years report of the activities of the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the Academy has been submitted to the president of the Academy.


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