On November 2nd, the Department of Veterinary Sciences of the Academy held a one day seminar on "Veterinary Education".

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The seminar began with the welcoming speech of Prof. Nadalian, chairman of the Department. Then, the following lectures were delivered:
Veterinary Education- Challenges and Opportunities, Shahabuddin Safi, Professor, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Islamic Azad University
Reviewing the Veterinary Education Curriculum- Determination of Priorities and Administrative Requirements, Kamran Sharifi, Professor, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
D.V.M. New Curriculum, University of Tehran, Mostafa Peighambari, Professor, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tehran
Shiraz University's Experiences in Reviewing the D.V.M. Curriculum, Ali Mohebi Fani, Professor, School of Veterinary Science, Shiraz University
Models of Medical Education in the Past 250 Years and the Evidences of the New Models' Effectiveness, Dr. Peyman Hemmati, Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education

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