There are three types of members in the Academy: Fellows (Full Members), Associate Fellows and Honorary Fellows. All Members are elected by secret ballot and need the majority of votes. In 1990, the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution elected the first fifteen Fellows of the Academy. 

Fellows are required to be full professor, to have published outstanding articles and books, to have conducted valuable research, and to have Iranian nationality. Only in the Department of Islamic Sciences, eminent scholars who do not hold university ranks or are not full professor may also become Fellows provided that they have equivalent qualifications. Eligible scholars will become Fellows by the recommendation of the President of the Academy or at least five members of the General Assembly and approval of this Assembly and the issued order of the President. The Fellows will have lifelong membership.At present, the Academy has 55 Fellow members.

Associates are chosen from among prominent Iranian scholars who are full professor and have published noticeable articles and books, and have launched valuable research. In some cases, scholars who are associate professor are eligible for membership if they have similar qualifications. The term of Associate Membership is four years. Associate Members are required to be nominated and elected for each term. At present, the Academy has 110 Associate Members.

Honorary Members can be national or international scholars whom the General Assemly elects on the basis of their scientific activities and prestige in academic circles. At present, the Academy has 5 Honorary Members.


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