The Center for Science and Technology Studies was set up on February 8th 2011 and officially started its activities in 2015.

The Center operates on the basis of the rules and regulations adopted by the Academy.        


Aim of the Center


Make studies to support the accomplishment of the objectives and the implementation of the Academy's duties and missions



Duties of the Center


Studies on the development of the boundaries of knowledge and promotion of the Country’s scientific level

Studies on the social, economical and cultural issues affecting the Country’s scientific development and advancement  

Studies on the future studies projects related to the Academy’s duties

Studies on and following up the developments of science and technology in the world

Studies on and compilation of evaluation indexes of the Country’s science and technology status

Studies on and analysis of interdisciplinary and interdepartmental issues 

Comparative study on the experiences of other countries on the adoption and development of science and technology

Establishment of the Academy’s requested databases and scientific networks


Rector of the center

By the proposal of the president of the Academy and confirmation of the Scientific Council and the written order of the president of the Academy, the rector of the Center will be chosen from among the fellows or associate fellows of the Academy for a four year term. The rector of the Center may be chosen for the second term. Presently, Prof. Abbas Manoochehri is the Rector of the Center.



Scientific Council of the Center


The Scientific Council of the Center consists of: rector of the center as the head of the Scientific Council, deputy rector as the secretary of the Scientific Council, Chairmen of the Center's Study Groups and maximum of six natural persons as the representatives of the Academy proposed by the president of the Academy and approved by the Scientific Council of the Academy. Whenever the president of the Academy participates in the Council, he will preside at the meeting.



Members of the Scientific Council of the Center


Prof. Hassan Zohoor

Dr. Reza Maknoon

Prof. Farshad Momeni

Prof. Mohammad Rahimian

Prof. Fathollah Moztarzadeh

Dr. Abbas Manoochehri

Prof. Mohammad Akhvan Farshchi

Prof. Mohammad Hassan Bijan Zadeh

Prof. Parvin Pasalar

Prof. Ali Reza Mesdaghinia

Prof. Mohammad Shahedi



Duties of the Scientific Council of the Center


Proposing the policies and programs of the Center to the Academy

Reviewing and approving the Center's Study Groups research projects and proposing them to the Scientific Council of the Academy for approval

Proposing new study groups

Compiling and approving the programs of the Center's study activities

Approving the accomplished study projects  


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