Composition of the Members of the Board

1.First Deputy of the President of IR Iran as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees
2.Minister of Science, Research and Technology
3.Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education
4.Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance
5.Presidents of the Academies
6.Two representatives of the Fellows of each Academy proposed by its president

Duties and Responsibilities of the Board

* Approval of internal regulations
* Approval of the Organization Chart of the Academies
* Review and approval of the proposed budgets of  the Academies
* Approval of the detailed budgets of the Academies
* Approval of the accounts and annual balance sheet of the Academies
* Approval of the method of receiving special revenues and their consumption
* Appointment of auditor and treasurer of the Academies
* Attempt to absorb the donations from the private sector and public revenues including cash, equipments and construction facilities 
* Approval of the financial and transactional regulations
* Proposing the extra allowances of faculty members and other staffs (experts and technicians)
* Determination of the managing method of production, service, workshop and health treatment units 
* Determination of the fees for research, teaching, translation, authorship, etc
* Considering of the reports of the Academies
* Approval of the employment regulations of faculty members of the Academies


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