• Attainment of scientific and cultural independence

• Development of science and technologies

• Encouragement of the spirit of research, promotion of the State’s scientific and cultural levels

• Access to the latest scientific findings and innovations through teamwork, and absorbing, encouraging and supporting eminent researchers and scholars


• Development of the boundaries of science and the promotion of the State’s scientific and research levels

• Studies on and analysis of the status of science, technology, education and research at the national scale, as well as giving advice to relevant authorities for the improvement of the existing condition

• Academic counseling, researching on basic affairs and on areas requested by the government, Council of Scientific Researches, and academic centers; and submitting the research findings to them

• Studies on the experiences of other countries on the development of science, technologies, and the latest scientific findings and their applications on the basis of the existing background and facilities in the State

• Encouragement of scientists and researches for the development of scientific, literary and artistic works through material and spiritual support

• Facilitation of the exchange of views, information and research findings among scientists and researchers and exchange with scientists and researchers of other academies of the world, particularly Islamic and the Third World Countries, by awarding sabbatical leaves and scholarships to scholars through relevant authorities

• Evaluation of seminars, congresses and conferences at the international level, and proposal of standards for their qualitative promotion at the national level

• Organization of seminars, congresses and conferences on the latest scientific, cultural and technological findings

• Dissemination of scientific information by publishing research journals and scientific books on the latest national and international scientific achievement

• Awarding prizes, rewards and medals to distinguished scholars, researchers and institutions that have made outstanding scientific and artistic contributions

• Proposal of the allocation of credits and provision of facilities for prominent researchers

• Approval of the membership of the Academy in international organizations and societies having similar aims and duties within the laws and regulations of the State


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