Prof. Hossein Namazi has been the Vice President for Research in Human and Islamic Sciences since 2008

Prof. Mohammad Shahedi has been the Vice President for Research in Pure and Applied Sciences since 2008



• Cooperation with the relevant Academic Departments and Divisions for facilitating the research development

• Establishing links between the research institutions

• Assessing the conferences’ achievements

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The Research Council of the Academy consists of Vice Presidents, Secretary, one fellow from each Academic Departments and the head, Council of Futures Studies. These members are assigned by the written order of Vice Presidents for two years. Their meetings are held every other week. Moreover, this council has two research committee named “Research in Human and Islamic Sciences” and “Research in Applied and Pure Sciences” whose meetings are held separately every other week


Members of The Research Council

prof. hassan ahmadi

Prof. Gholamreza Avaani

Prof. Seyed Mohammad Bolourtchian

prof. parviz jabedar maralani

Prof. Faramarz Rafipoor

Prof. Mohammad Shahedi

Prof. Mohammadreza Shams Ardekani

Prof. Hassan Zohoor

Prof. Abdolrahim Govahi

Prof. Hassan Tajbakhsh

Prof. Hossein Namazi

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