The first & second issues of the Strategic Journal in Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources have been published by the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the Academy


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A. Articles

• Present State and Suggestions for Quantitative and Qualitative Improvements of Important Nut Crops in Iran (M. Khosh-Khui, V. Grigurian, E. Tafazoli and E. Khalighii)

• Ecological Abilities of Desert Sandy Soils as an Opportunity for Use of Waters in Water Spreading System (Gh. Heshmati and H. Sargazi)

• A Menu of Solutions to the Food Security Challenge in Iran (A.R. Sepaskhah)

• A General Review of Organic Agriculture (M. Khosh-Khui)

• Crop Production Challenges and Ways to Overcome Them (B. Yazdi Samadi)

• Climate Change, Drought and Poverty in Iran: A Perspective of Future (E. Karami)


B. Appendices (Conferences' Declarations and Abstracts of the Accomplished Research Projects)

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A. About Journal

B. Contents

C. Articles

Present State and Suggestions for Quantitative and Qualitative Improvement of Important Tropical and Subtropical Fruits in Iran. (M. Khosh-Khui, V. Grigurian, E. Tafazoli, M. Mobli and (deseased) R. Omidbeygii)

Soil and Technosphere. (G.H. Haghnia)

Comparative Scientometric Study: A Strategy for Benchmarking in Agricultural Science Development. (Gh. H. Zamani)

* Description of Ecological Resilience, Vulnerability and Robustness Concepts in

Rangeland Ecosystems Management. (E. Moradi, G.A. Heshmati and A.A. Dehghani)

Challenges Facing Water Resources Management under Drought Conditions in Iran. (D. Khalili)

Climate Changes and Plant Diseases. (Z. Banihashemi)

D. Appendices

* Declarations of Seminars Performed in Department of Agricultural Sciences

* Research Abstracts of Projects Conducted in Department of Agricultural Sciences


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