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1- Criteria and Indicators in Assessing Natural Resources Sustainability (M.A. Zare Chahouki)

2- Poultry Housing and Equipment in Iran: Past, Present and Future. (S.N. Mousavi)

3- Crop and Animal Ecosystems in Iran: Conflict or Symbiosis (A. Koocheki and N. Sefidbakht)

4- A Qualitative Evaluation of Animal Science Journals Published in Iran (N. Sefidbakht, A. Nikkhah, R. VaezTorshizi, M.J. Zamiri, M. Zaghari and M. Moradi)

5- Virtual Water Trade in Iran with Respect to Economic Productivity (G. Zarei and A.M. Jafari)

6- Concepts of Planning for Virtual Water (A.R. Sepaskhah)

7- Challenges in Health, Quality and Food Security in Iran (M. Hojjati and M. Noshad)

8- Communication Strategies to Empower Sustainable Development Technology Users in the Digital Age (I. Malakmohammadi)


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