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1- Analysis of Natural Ecosystems Functional Value (M.A. Zare Chahouki and A. Sanaei)

2- Evaporation Reduction from Water Reservoir of Dams (A.R. Sepaskhah)

3- Effects of Interbasin Water Transfer Projects on Iran’s Water Resources (M.R. Rahimizadeh and O.B. Haddad)

4- Qualitative Evaluation of Iranian Scientific Journals in Plant Protection (D.J. Ershad, S.M. Ashkan, K. Izadpanah, Z. Banihashemi, A. Sharifi-Tehrani, S. Moharramipour, G. Nouri-Ghanbalani)

5- Future, Biotechnology and Biosafety (M. Omidi and M. Samiei Farahani)

6- Tackling the Problems of Dairy Cattle Industry Management in Iran (A. Nikkhah)

7- The Role of Biotechnology in Agriculture and the Protection of the Environment (B.E. Sayed Tabatabaei)

8- Pathology of Academic Interview in Agricultural Sciences: Challenges and Solutions (R. Mostowfizadeh-Ghalamfarsa)

9- Qualitative Evaluation of Horticultural Science Journals in Iran (M. Khosh-Khui, M. Azizi, K. Vahdati, V. Grigorian M. Mobli and E. Tafazoli)

10- Agricultural Biotechnology and Food Safety (Mohammad Ali Malboubi, Fatemeh Habibpour Mehraban)


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