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1- Futures Studies of Agricultural Engineering Research Institute in 1404 (N. Bagheri, M. Keshavarz Turk, F. Abbasi, N. Abbasi and M. Bordbar)

2- An Overview of Sustainable Agriculture Development in Iran and in the World (k. Vahdati and S. Sarikhan)

3- Determining the Conceptual Framework of Dust Risk Based on Evaluating Resilience (Case Study: Southwest of Iran) (M. Abdolshahnejad, H. Khosravi, A. A. Nazari Samani, G. R. Zehtabian and A. Alambaigi)

4- Evaluation of Iranian Scientific Journals in the Discipline of Agronomy and Plant Breeding (M. Omidi, S. A. Peighambari, A. Rezaei, A. R. Koocheki, D. Mazaheri, M. Valizadeh and B. Yazdi Samadi)

5- Qualitative Evaluation of Soil Science Journals in Iran (G. M. Haghnia, A. Abtahi, H. Siadat, F. Khormali and M. R. Mosaddeghi)

6- Evaluation of Export and Production Strategies of Pistachio in Kerman Province Applying Fuzzy AHP and Electre III (M. Zibaie, E. Heshmati Rafsanjani and A. Sheikhzeinoddin)

7- Early Detection of Fungal Plant Pathogen Invasions in Natural Ecosystems Based on Bridge- Head Effect with the Emphasis on Phytophthora Species (R. Mostowfizadeh-Ghalamfarsa and F. Salmaninezhad)

8- Agroecology and Food Security (A. Mahdavi Damghani)


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1- Payment for Ecosystem Services as an Economic Instrument for Natural Resources Conservation (M.A. Zare Chahouki and A. Sanaei)

2- Genomics from Laboratory to Field: Production of High Yielding and Environmental Stresses Tolerant Wheat Genotypes (S.A. Mohammadi and M.A. Mohammadi Aghadam)

3- Research Review on Onion (Allium cepa L.) in Iran (M. Mobli and L. Aslani)

4- Challenges of Poultry Production and Nutrition in Iran (M. Zaghari)

5- Biodiversity Conservation or Biotechnology: What Is Iran’s Priority Today? (H. Akhani and A. Rudov)

6- Genetic Engineering and Food Security (M. Mohsenpour, S. Kahak and B. Ghareyazie)

7- Investigation on Status of Selected Greenhouses in Iran (1. Descriptive Analysis) (M. Khosh-Khui, M. Mobli, M. Azizi, K. Vahdati, V. Grigorian and E. Tafazoli)

8- Investigation on Status of Selected Greenhouses in Iran (2. Inferential Analysis) (M. Khosh-Khui, M. Mobli, M. Azizi, K. Vahdati, V. Grigorian and E. Tafazoli)




A. About Journal

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C. Articles

1- Analysis of Natural Ecosystems Functional Value (M.A. Zare Chahouki and A. Sanaei)

2- Evaporation Reduction from Water Reservoir of Dams (A.R. Sepaskhah)

3- Effects of Interbasin Water Transfer Projects on Iran’s Water Resources (M.R. Rahimizadeh and O.B. Haddad)

4- Qualitative Evaluation of Iranian Scientific Journals in Plant Protection (D.J. Ershad, S.M. Ashkan, K. Izadpanah, Z. Banihashemi, A. Sharifi-Tehrani, S. Moharramipour, G. Nouri-Ghanbalani)

5- Future, Biotechnology and Biosafety (M. Omidi and M. Samiei Farahani)

6- Tackling the Problems of Dairy Cattle Industry Management in Iran (A. Nikkhah)

7- The Role of Biotechnology in Agriculture and the Protection of the Environment (B.E. Sayed Tabatabaei)

8- Pathology of Academic Interview in Agricultural Sciences: Challenges and Solutions (R. Mostowfizadeh-Ghalamfarsa)

9- Qualitative Evaluation of Horticultural Science Journals in Iran (M. Khosh-Khui, M. Azizi, K. Vahdati, V. Grigorian M. Mobli and E. Tafazoli)

10- Agricultural Biotechnology and Food Safety (Mohammad Ali Malboubi, Fatemeh Habibpour Mehraban)



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