Presided over by the president of the Academy, the 464th meeting of the Scientific Council of the Academy was held on Sunday, January 8th. The attendees included Profs. Namazi, Shahedi, Mohaghegh Damad, Sobouti, Sharifi Tehrani, Sohrabpour, Nadalian and Zohoor.


At first, the minutes of the 463rd meeting were ratified. Then, the following topics were discussed and decided upon in this meeting:


-The proposed research project of the Department of Engineering Sciences on "The Role of Women in Science and Technology in Iran" was approved;

- The final report of the research project on "Environmental Awareness, Part 2" was ratified;

- The proposal of the Research Council of the Academy regarding the compilation of a collection on "Views of the Academy's Members on Major and Macro Issues in the Specialized Scientific Fields" by the Academy was generally approved;

- The proposal of the Department of Agricultural Sciences regarding the publication of a collection on "A Glance at 25 Years of the Activities of the Department of Agricultural Sciences" was ratified;

-  The extension of the cooperation of five invited scholars of the Department of Basic Sciences of the Academy was approved for a further two-year term.










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