The meeting of the seven societies of sciences related to mathematics was held on December 8, 2016 in the Academy’s Conference Room. The meeting began with Prof. Megerdich Toomanian's words of welcome and Prof. Reza Davari Ardakani's welcome address.

In his speech, Prof. Davari Ardakani emphasized the role of sciences including mathematical sciences in policy making and advancement of science and referred to the coordination among sciences. He stated that sciences, particularly mathematics, will find their real status if they progress in harmony with other sciences. Finally, he thanked for the efforts of the Academy's Commission on the Advancement of Mathematics as well as the societies of sciences related to mathematics in the establishment of the Union.

The next lecturers were Prof. Reza Ameri and Dr. Ali Rejali who talked about the background of the establishment of the Union, the manner of selecting the members of its board of directors, compilation of its statutes and objectives.

Afterwards, Prof. Mehdi Behzad, president of the Union, referred to the Iranian Mathematical Society as the first registered society of its kind in the country. He also expressed his concerns about the financial problems for organizing the meetings of the Union, publishing the related journals, holding conferences and creating interdisciplinary groups within the Union.

Then Prof. Mohsem Mohammadzadeh, professor in mathematics and statistics, described how the logo of the Union was designed and gave some details about the symbols used in it.

At the end, Prof. Yousef Sobouti, chairman of the Department of Basic Sciences of the Academy, expressed his gratitude for the establishment of the Union as an effective measure and gave some advice to its members.



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