The Department of Agricultural Sciences of the Academy held a seminar on Iran's Forests and Environment; Past, Present and Future on November 16.


At the opening ceremony, Prof. Abbas Sharifi Tehrani, chairman of the Department, welcomed the audience. Then, Prof. Hossein Namazi, secretary of the Academy, also greeted the guests and hoped that the seminar's results would be fruitful and beneficial to the relevant authorities. This was followed by the speech of Prof. Majid Makhdoom, secretary of the seminar, regarding the aims and activities of the seminar.


The titles of the lectures delivered at the seminar are as follows:


Challenges of Iran's Environment, Prof. Mohammad Reza Dehdar Dargahi, faculty member of Islamic Azad University of Lahijan


Necessity of Foresight in the Management of Hirkan's Unique Natural Heritage, Prof. Morteza Sharifi, member of High Council of Forest, Range and Watershed


Past, Present and Future of North of Iran's Forests, Prof. Mohammad Reza Marvi Mohajer, associate fellow of the Academy


Forestry, Past, Present and Future, Prof. Jahangir Feghhi, associate professor of the University of Tehran


Iran's Future Environment, Prof. Majid Makhdoom, associate fellow of the Academy


Forests of the North of Iran, Prof. Hamid Gashtasb, faculty member of the College of Environment


At the concluding part of the seminar, the audience and lecturers exchanged views. A statement will be issued in this regard by the Academy.   


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