The 17th Meeting of the Commission for the Advancement of Mathematics of the Academywas held at the Academy on Thursday, October 29th. The meeting was presided over by Prof. Mohammad Reza Aref.


At first, a report was presented on the activities of the Commission and its specialized workgroupduring the past four years. Majors were also taken for the accomplishment of the incomplete activities of the Commission. Then a report was presented on the proceedings of the Seminar on Mathematics and Challenges and it was agreed to submit the proceedings to the relevant authorities.


The meeting continued withpresenting the reports of the Workgroup on the Status of Education in the Country and the Workgroup of the National University Entrance Exam which held its first meeting earlier on the same day.


The attendees of the latter workgroup meeting included a number of fellows of the Academy, experts, relevant authorities and the Members of Parliament.The problems concerning the National University Entrance Exam in different educational levels and the future challenges were discussed in that meeting. At the end, the Workgroup was assigned to prepare a plan within four months and submit it to the Commission.

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