Presided over by the president of the Academy, the 461st meeting of the Scientific Council was held on September 4. The attendees comprised president, secretary, vice-presidents, the chairmen of the scientific departments and rector of the Center for Science and Technology Studies.


At first, the minutes of the 460th meeting was ratified and then Prof. Shams Ardekani gave a report on the process of building and furnishing two conference rooms for the Academy's library.


Afterwards, the following topics were discussed and decided upon in this meeting:

- The cooperation of Dr. Seyed Mehdi Seyyedi, Prof. Abbas Saheb Ghadam Lotfi, Dr. Ali Farazmand, Dr. Ali Motevalizadeh Ardekani and Prof. Hamid Niknam as the invited scholars of the Department of Basic Sciences was approved for a two-year term;

- The extension of the cooperation of thirteen invited scholars of the different Departments of the Academy was ratified for a further two-year term;

- The proposed research project of the Department of Agricultural Sciences on "Encyclopedia of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources" was referred to the Commission for the History of Science of the Academy.


Finally, Prof. Sobouti explained one of the greatest discoveries of the century, namely, the detection of gravitational wave in recent months. In this regard, the Department of Basic Sciences of the Academy is planning to hold a lecture meeting.      



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