The 70th issue of the Iranian Journal of Engineering Education has been published by the Department of Engineering Sciences of the Academy.

Articles included in this issue are as follows:

  • Exploration of the factors affecting the quality of video conferencing technology in engineering education/ Salimi, M. Zehtabian and Z. Peyravi-nejad
  • Technology development in the country with the revision of engineering courses curriculum/ Bakhtiari-nejad and N. Sheykhan
  • Developing “green design” courses for engineering students/ Sadat Tejarei and M. Mottaghipour
  • Socio-cognitive robotics: Mysteries and needs/ Meghdari and M. Alemi
  • Using 3D printing technology to improve the quality of teaching an engineering drawing course/ Mottaghipour
  • Performance evaluation of the engineering education of Iranian researchers, universities and research institutions using social network analysis indices/
    E. Geraei and S. Siamaki
  • Investigation of the performance of an 18 month training selective plan of a technical and vocational training organization: An urban case study/ Mehralizadeh, S. Shahi and M. Taheri

The Journal also contains the summary of Prof. Sina Khorasani's speech on Future of Nanoelectronics.

Future conferences in engineering education and English abstracts of the articles are among the topics presented in this issue of the Journal.








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