On Thursday, July 14, the second meeting of the Workgroup for Studies on the Status of Education in the Country was held in the presence of Dr. Ali Asghar Fani, Minister of Education. Prof. Mohammad Reza Aref, Chairman, Commission on the Advancement of Mathematics in the Country, presided over the meeting. The attendees included the secretary of the Academy, some members of the Commission and the Workgroup, deputy ministers of the Ministry of Education, and the acting president of Farhangian University.


At first, Prof. Aref welcomed the Minister of Education and his deputies. He stated that the Academy is focused on studies related to the macro problems of the country. Prof. Aref gave some details about the activities of the Commission and Workgroup and the aims of the Workgroup.


The meeting continued with the report of Prof. Ali Rejali, member of the Workgroup, on the sessions held in partnership with the representatives of the Ministry of Education. He also enumerated the macro challenges of education in the country.


Dr. Fani, in turn, elaborated on the activities and accomplishments of the Ministry in the past three years. He designated Dr. Mohammad Dimevar, Deputy of the Ministry's Elementary Education, to participate in the upcoming Workgroup's meetings of the Academy as the executive representative of the Ministry so that the Workgroup could sum up the topics of the discussions as soon as possible.


Finally, Prof. Aref declared that the findings obtained by the Workgroup would be classified and submitted to the relevant authorities. He hoped that these findings would be used in Iran's Sixth Development Plan.


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