The Scientific Council held its 460th meeting on July 10.  The session was presided over by the president of the Academy. The attendees comprised president, secretary, vice-presidents, the chairmen of the scientific departments, rector of the Center for Science and Technology Studies, and the Secretary of the Foresight Council.


At first, Prof. Reza Davari Ardakani welcomed the audience and congratulated Eid al- Fitr.


Then the following topics were discussed and decided upon in this meeting:

- The minutes of the 459th meeting was ratified;

- The two proposed research projects of the Department of Human Sciences and Department of Islamic Sciences were approved;

- The extension of the cooperation of four invited scholars of the Department of Engineering Sciences was ratified for a further two-year term;

- The cooperation of Prof. Farhad Sobouti as the invited scholar of the Department of Basic Sciences was approved for a two-year term;

- The outstanding professor of the Academy in 2015, proposed by the Workgroup on Granting Awards of the Academy, was elected out of the four candidates. The name of the candidate will be submitted to the General Assembly for final approval.





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