The Scientific Council held its 459th meeting on June 12.  The session was presided over by the president of the Academy.

At first, Prof. Reza Davari Ardakani presented a report on his trip to Bulgaria and his meeting with the president and some authorities of the Bulgarian Academy of Science and concluding an MOU between the two Academies. Then Prof. Mohammad Reza Shams Ardekani pointed out that this visit and the concluded MOU between the two Academies would be a new heading for scientific cooperation between the two countries.

The Council Meeting continued with Prof. Shahedi's report on the two-day seminar on the Causes and Strategies for Confronting Quantitative and Qualitative Crisis of Water Resources of the Country. He mentioned that the main objective of the seminar was summing up the comments and activities of all the departments of the Academy on the topic of water and to draw universities and scientific institutes' attention to the importance of this issue.

The following topics were also discussed and decided upon in this meeting:

- the minutes of the 458th meeting was ratified;

- the nomination of three candidates of the Department of Agricultural Sciences for  participation at the "Young Scientists Congress" to be held in Bangladesh was set forth and approved;

- conducting the proposed research project of the Department of Engineering Sciences was approved;

- the cooperation of Prof. Rahmatollah Fattahi and Prof. Ahmad Shabani as the invited scholars of the Department of Basic Sciences for a two-year term was approved;

- the extension of the cooperation of three invited scholars of the Department of Engineering Sciences and twenty two invited scholars of the Department of Agricultural Sciences was ratified for a further two-year term;

- establishment of the Commission on the History of Science at the Academy was approved. The Commission will work under the supervision of the Center for Science and Technology Studies and will cooperate with the scientific departments of the Academy.

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