The 69th issue of the Iranian Journal of Engineering Education has been published by the Department of Engineering Sciences of the Academy.

Articles included in this edition are as follows:

  • The role of technical English language on modern engineering education/ M. Alemi
  • Assessing the attainment of 21st century basic skills by engineering students of Tabriz University/ Mahmoudi and S. Mola
  • The survey on learning styles and methods in engineering students in the University of Kashan/ Amini and H. Rahimi
  • Attitudes survey of engineering graduates inserts in the quality of teaching at the university/ M. R. Nili, L. Moghtadaei, Nazari  and S. Mosavi
  • Renewable energy education in Iran/ Motahhar and A. A. Alem-Rajabi
  • An investigation of engineering faculty’s action research skills: A crucial step towards improving the quality of teaching/ Madani, H. Rahimi and S. Yaghoubi
  • Factors affecting the final scores of professors in higher education/ Mirarab and A. Hoseinijo

Abstracts of Speeches delivered in the Department of Engineering Sciences, future conferences in engineering education, and English abstracts of the articles are among the topics presented in this issue of the Journal.

Iranian Journal of Engineering Education has been published since 1999. Prof. Mahmoud Yaghoobi and Prof. Parviz Davami, fellows of the Department of Engineering Sciences have been Executive Manager and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal respectively.

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