The new issue (No.2, Vol. 5) of the Strategic Research Journal in Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources has been published by the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the Academy.

In this issue, the following articles are contributed by scholars and experts in agricultural and natural resources:

 Health and Quality of Organic and Transgenic Products

M. Mollaei and M. Shahedi

Road Map for Greenhouse Development in Southern Coastal Zones of Iran with Hot Climate

G. Zarei

A Comprehensive Perspective on Inter-basin Water Transfer Projects

O. Raja and M. Parsinejad

Challenges in Application of New Reproductive Biotechnologies in Domestic Animals

M. J. Zamiri

Implementing Accreditation Approach in Agricultural and Natural Resources Research Centers of Iran

B. Tajeddin, F. Abasi and N. Heydari

Analysis of the Latest Status of Aquaculture in the Islamic Republic of Iran

H. A. Abdolhay and R. Asgari

This issue also contains the English abstracts of the above articles.

Issued statements of the seminars held by the Department, presented in the appendices of the Journal, are as follows:

An Overview of Sustainable Agriculture Development in Iran and in the World

Irrigated Agriculture and Water Resources Restriction Paradox

Prof. Mohammad Shahedi is the Managing Director and Prof. Morteza Khosh-Khui is the Editor-in- Chief of the Journal.

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