The Academy of Sciences of IR Iran announced the laureates of the sixth round of Abu Reyhan Biruni's Award. Each year, the Department of Basic Sciences of the Academy presents Abu Reyhan Biruni's Awards to the distinguished young researchers of the country in basic sciences.

The award winners of 2020 are:


Dr. Iman Setayesh (Mathematics), Dr. Sajad Lakzian (Mathematics), Dr. Shant Baghram (Physics), Dr. Majid Mahdavi (Biology), Dr. Hamid Reza Shahsavari (Chemistry), and Dr. Farhad Panahi (Chemistry).

The Department of Basic Sciences of the Academy announced that owing to the pandemic crisis, especially in Tehran, the award ceremony will be postponed. The Department congratulated the laureates and will send Plaques of Appreciation to the above young elites and will invite them to one of the meetings of the Department to give their scientific lectures.

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