The Public Council of the Department of Engineering Sciences of the Academy held a semi-virtual meeting on July 9th. The attendees included the chairman, fellows and the heads of the specialized divisions of the Department.

At first, Prof. Eslami, chairman of Department, congratulated Prof. Simin Naseri, Head, Interdisciplinary Division of Environment of the Academy and faculty member of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, for being selected as the world’s one percent, most cited scientists.


Prof. Eslami also presented a report on the recent Scientific Council meeting of the Academy and its decisions including the approval of the final report of the research project on “Analysis and Classification of the Defended Architecture PhD Theses at the Top Universities of the World” and its accomplishment, extension of the accomplishment time for the research project on “Research, Discovery, Analysis and Documentation of the Academy's Prestigious Engineers' Profiles”, extension of the collaboration of a number of invited scholars with the Department and the proposal of the Department for the associate membership of its proposed invited scholar and referring it to the General Assembly for final approval.

Then Prof. Halimi, fellow of the Academy, gave a report on the research project in progress “Aesthetics of Iran's Altars”.

The meeting continued with discussions on the following issues:
- Iran and the path to the future in all scientific areas
- Status of the Academy in advancing cultural, scientific, educational and executive goals
- Science and technology policy making in the country in all fields
- Role of the engineering activities (education, planning, implementation, development, etc.) in the sustainable development of the country with respect to the cultural, economic and climatic conditions of Iran

Following the discussions, the Council assigned the specialized divisions of the Department to propose their strategic projects by the end of September. Then the chairman of the Department should invite the authorities of the relevant governmental organizations for coordination on the implementation of the projects.



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