The new edition (No. 72 & 73) of the Academy’s Persian-English Newsletter is out. The editorial on "Humans, Life and Knowledge" is contributed by Prof. Reza Davari Ardakani.

The Newsletter covers the news and reports on the Academy's programs and activities during the second half of the last year. Some of the major topics presented in the Newsletter are as follows:


- Board of Trustees Meeting
- Scientific Council Meetings
- General Assembly Meeting
- Concluding a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Science, Research & Technology
- Prof. Reza Davari Ardakani’s Prize Award Ceremony
- New Issues of the Journal of the Department of Agricultural Sciences
- New Issue of the Biannual Journal of Human Sciences Development
- Seminar on the New Developments in Mathematics and Physics
- Public Council's Meeting of the Department of Engineering Sciences
- New Issues of the Iranian Journal of Engineering Education
- Second Meeting of the Women Council on Science and Technology
- Meeting on Urban Environment: Green Space and Waste
- Prof. Tavakoli Moghaddam Receives Order of Academic Palms
- Appointments of the Chairmen for the Departments of the Academy
- Lecture Meeting on Land Destruction in Iran and Its Control Strategy
- Seminar on New Aquaculture Systems
- New Issue of Nameye Farhangestan Oloom
- Symposium on Chemistry and Society’s Demands
- Seminar on New Researches on Integrated Science
- Meeting on the Status of Water Resources in the Country
- New Chairman for the Department of Basic Sciences
- Honoring Ceremony of Distinguished Scientists, Researchers and Innovators
- Prof. Ali Kaveh’s New Publications
- Publication of the Book “On Human Sciences”
- Publication of the Proceedings of the Seminar on Analytic and Critical Studies on the Bill of the Production of Literary and Artistic Properties and Related Rights
- Introduction to the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts


This issue also contains several lectures and speeches of the members of the Academy and introduces a number of new publications of the Academy members, and the anthology of news in English.

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