On June 15th, a Memorandum of Understanding was concluded between the Academy of Sciences of IR Iran and the National Research Institute for Science Policy (NRISP). Prof. Reza Davari Ardakani, president of the Academy, and Prof. Vahid Ahmadi, president of the NRISP, signed the Memorandum in a meeting at the NRISP.

The Memorandum was concluded for the expansion of scientific, research and cooperation between the Academy and the NRISP. The aim is to develop science and technology and improve the scientific and cultural level of the country with respect to the activities and missions of the two parties.     

The Memorandum includes ten articles to:

- Conduct research projects
- Collaborate in the dissemination of scientific achievements through the publication of journals, books and research projects’ findings
- Collaborate on proposing external examiners, reviewers or supervisors to evaluate the research projects
- Benefit from the scientific capacity and capability of professors and researchers of both sides by holding joint conferences, scientific meetings, expert roundtables, workshops or through armchair theorizing
- Access to and exchange of the relevant scientific and research information
- Collaboration on identifying the current situation and the possible trends of science and technology developments in Iran and the world
- Cooperation in selecting a foresight model to determine the national priorities of science and technology on the basis of the developmental needs of the country
- Cooperation in preparing and compiling policies for the development of science and technology in the country
- Collaboration on monitoring and evaluating the state of science and technology in the country
- Cooperation in providing specialized counseling services required by both parties    

Prof. Davari Ardakani and Prof. Ahamdi delivered speeches in this meeting. The former also answered the questions posed by a number of deputies and the directors of the research departments of the NRISP.


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