Prof. Reza Davari Ardakani’s book titled On Human Sciences is published by the Cultural and Social Studies Research Institute of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. The book has 448 pages and contains a preface and twenty chapters as follows:

 - Science, Power and Politics

- Politics, History and Thought
- Science and Country
- Current Status of Science in the Country
- Wisdom of Advancement and Development
- Political Wisdom and the Experience of Underdevelopment
- Science and Underdevelopment
- Reflections on Science Policy and Scientific Development
- On Science Advancement and Future Development
- Where Do Assessment Indicators of Science Advancement Come From?
- Writing Article Is Not the Promotion of Science
- On ISI
- The Myth of Scientific Development through the Increase of the Number of Articles Indexed in ISI
- On University
- The Academy of Sciences of IR Iran and Its Future
- Philosophy of Science Should deal with Historical Conditions and possibilities for Development
- Freedom of Understanding and Revolution in Human Sciences
- Human Sciences and Planning for Development
- Iranian Experience in Confronting Modern Human Sciences
- Considerations on Human and Social Sciences


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