Following the Academy’s statement on the “Status of Water Resources in IR Iran” in the current year and the warm welcome given to it by the relevant authorities, a meeting was held on Sunday, February 16 at the Academy’s Conference Room.

The attendees included Prof. Reza Ardakanian, Minister of Energy, Mr. Abbas Keshavarz, Acting Minister of Agriculture-Jahad, deputies and advisors of the Ministries, secretary and chairmen of the scientific departments of the Academy and fellows and specialists of the Academy in different fields of agricultural, human and basic sciences.

Initially, Prof. Reza Davari Ardakani, president of the Academy, welcomed the guests and stated that the problem of water is not just a technical but a general problem and is depended on the production and consumption worlds to some extent.

Then Prof. Abbas Sharifi Tehrani, chairman of the Department of Agricultural Sciences, described the programs, activities and views of the Department on the water problem.

Afterwards, Prof. Ardakanian delivered a speech in which he expressed his views about the challenges on water production and consumption at the national level. He added that the ministry of Energy is prepared to avail itself to the expertise and scientific views of the fellows of the Academy.

The meeting continued with Mr. Keshavarz’s speech on the topic of the meeting. Based on the Academy’s recommendation, it is better to establish a link between economy, society, life and environment.

This was followed by the participants’ discussion on the topic, exchange of views and a number of suggestions.

Finally, Prof. Davari stated that the Academy proposes to establish a committee for a cooperation with the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Agriculture-Jahad and the Iranian Department of Environment. He hoped that the problem of water and water resources in the country would be solved somehow by the efforts of the respected ministers and other authorities.

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