The 29th meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Academies of IR Iran was held on Tuesday, December 24th. Dr. Eshaq Jahangiri, First Vice President of IR Iran and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees presided at the meeting.

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The attendees comprised Minister of Science, Research and Technology; Minister of Health and Medical Education; Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance; presidents of the four Academies; Head, Administrative and Recruitment Organization; Vice President for Legal Affairs; Secretary of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution; representatives of the Academies; Cabinet Secretary; Board of Trustees’ Secretary and secretaries of four Academies.

Referring to the fellows and elites of the Iranian academies, Dr. Eshaq Jahangiri pointed out that the enormous academic capacity of the Iranian academies enables them to collaborate on exploring and meeting the major challenges and assisting the government by providing scientific advice to it.

The meeting continued with the speech of Dr. Seyyed Abbas Salehi, Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance. He noted that at the academies, conditions are ideal for dialog among the elites and academics of various disciplines and different provinces of the country. The interdisciplinary dialogs at the Academies will pave the ground for their collaboration on meeting macro challenges of the country.

Then, the presidents of the Academies reported on their activities and elaborated on the five-year plan of their own academy on the basis of the Five-Year National Development Plan.

The meeting was followed by the consideration and approval of the topics of the agenda.




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