The Office of Women Affairs in Engineering Sciences of the Academy hosted the third meeting of Women Council on Science and Technology on Thursday, December 26th.

The attendees comprised several deputies of ministers, presidents of the universities and research centers in women affairs and the members of the Academy’s Workgroup on the Status of Women in Engineering.

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In this meeting, the attendees discussed how to strengthen the role and status of women advisors at universities, governmental organizations and ministries. After discussion and exchange of views, the proposal for job description and criteria for the selection of advisors to the presidents of universities and research centers were compiled and approved. This will be submitted to the office of the Advisor of the Minister of Science, Research and Technology for Women and Family Affairs for consideration.

The meeting continued with a debate on the utilization of the scientific associations’ capacity to empower women in science and technology. To fulfil this aim, it was decided that the next meeting of the Council be held with the presence of the representatives of the scientific associations.



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