On Wednesday, December 25th, the Interdisciplinary Division of Environment and the Division of Energy and Environmental Engineering of the Academy hosted the meeting of the Public Council of the Department of Engineering Sciences of the Academy on “Urban Environment: Green Space and Waste”.


The audience included the chairman, fellows, associate fellows and invited scholars of the Department and a number of the environmental authorities.

At first, Prof. Sohrabpour welcomed the guests. Then Prof. Naseri and Prof. Panjehshahi delivered speeches. This was followed by the presentations listed below:

Water-Based Urban Design- Dr. Seyed Oveis Torabi

Innovative and Smart Methods in Municipal Waste Management- Dr. Seyed Amir Naser Harati

Analysis of the Status of Waste Management in the Country and the Challenges, Opportunities and Social Responsibilities Associated with It- Dr. Hassan Pasandideh

The audience, in turn, exchanged views and posed some questions which were answered by the lecturers.

Finally, Prof. Sohrabpour awarded Tablets of Appreciation to the lecturers.


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