Following the July visit of Prof. Mansour Gholami, Ministery of Science, Research & Technology (MSRT) to the Academy in which the fellows expressed concern over the status of higher education in Iran, especially basic sciences disciplines, a memorandum of understanding was concluded between the Academy and MSRT for the promotion of basic sciences disciplines.

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Prof. Reza Davari Ardakani, president of the Academy and Prof. Mansour Gholami, MSRT, signed the Memorandum.

 According to the Memorandum, the Deputy of Education of MSRT provides the Academy with the data of the current status and other relevant documents. On the basis of the received data, the Department of Basic Sciences of the Academy will draw up a biennial report on different disciplines of basic sciences and submit its proposals to the MSRT and other relevant authorities for consideration. The report will include the current status and ongoing programs and present suitable strategies for the promotion of basic sciences in Iran. The MSRT will be committed to utilize the findings of the biennial report of the Academy for the improvement of basic sciences disciplines.

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